Sarvodaya Company

Plastic Food Packagings

We are rated among the distinguished Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturers. We resort to state-of-the-art technology for developing and designing our Plastic Food Tray Packaging and Custom Food Packaging. When it comes to packaging food, there are three key requirements- keeping the food fresh, protecting it from moisture and other damaging agents, and preserving the flavor and nature of food item. Our Plastic Food Packaging Containers are just ideal to meet these requirements. The best part is that we are offering our Plastic Food Packaging at modest prices thus enabling you to get quality Packaging Solutions within your means.We are the leading Custom Food Packaging and Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturers.

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Indian Sweets Packaging

India without sweets- sounds a bit tasteless. And sweets without proper packaging will be no better. After all proper packaging not only protects the food but preserves its freshness and aroma as well.


Bakery Plastic Container

We provide different type of sweet packaging. Packing is done using the latest techniques under the hygienic conditions. We provide the sweet packing, which won’t destroy the texture of sweet.


Plastic Cake Container
The essence of cake lies in its flavor and aroma. Our Plastic Cake Containers make sure that the essence of your cake is preserved for long duration. We use the finest grade plastics in manufacturing Disposable Cake Containers; as such, our containers are absolutely safe, hygienic and reliable for packaging cakes.